Music: what would be on your playlist?


I have always been a big fan of music. Growing up, my dad told me that it wasn’t good music unless it made your eardrums bleed. Obviously I still have the same taste in music: metal, rock, alternative. I am always on the quest to find new songs and bands. Why? Because music is healing. You can turn it as loud as you want, and feel the emotions. You can scream and cry with the music. You can laugh and smile at the music video. You can connect and relate to a specific lyric.

What would your healing playlist look like? Which genre would be in your playlist, and why?

My playlist started years ago, and I am still creating it.

I was listening to music, just randoms bands and songs that came on the station online. One song that I had never heard before caught my attention. It talked about being the last to know after the relationship failed. I had to find the song and lyrics.

**Last to Know — Three Days Grace

I felt like this song was written for me. This was after my divorce was finalized, and I had continued to see my ex-husband for two more years afterwards. He was in a relationship with someone else. He chose her. This song talked about being lost. Why didn’t the person communicate before leaving? I understood that feeling completely!! The end of the song changes the attitude from losing this amazing love, to realizing it wasn’t as idea as one had hoped. Exactly.

**Fuck Away the Pain — Divide the Day

This song talks about getting over a bad relationship and now having a friends with benefits situation. There is just pleasure and fun. Enjoy the moment and forget the past. Once again, I related to this song. That is how I got over being in love with my ex-husband, I finally slept with someone else after three-and-a-half years after my divorce. Amazing song.

**Get Well — Icon for Hire

This song is about depression and hurting, but as long as you have company. You know the saying, Misery loves company. Talks about being tired of explaining scars. I felt the same way. I get tired of explaining my scars – physical and emotional. This song is positive and powerful.

**Flesh — Nightcore (cover song)

I stumbled across this song one day by accident. Wow! Okay, this song is hot and completely sexual. But it represents – for me – what I want. I want this amazing, passionate, steamy love. Sex is important in a relationship. In my marriage, I never said what I liked and did not like in bed. I went with the flow. Now, I know what I like. I know what I want. I speak up. I make requests. I make suggestions.

**It’s Not Me, It’s You — Skillet

This song was suggested on a social media page for divorce and separation. I am a fan of the band, so I listened to the song. Great lyrics.

There are so many amazing songs. Several of them I tend to listen to on repeat. I think this is a solid start for my healing playlist. I know I need to add more to it as my journey continues.

So, what does you playlist look like? Why those songs?


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