Father’s Day

First off, happy father’s day to all my followers that are fathers.

I seen a post online the other day about watching out because all the single mother’s were going to try to claim today. It included a heated debate. Some believed that if you are not male then this holiday has nothing to do with you. Some believed that if they play the role of mother and father, then they have the right to celebrate this day. Others brought up the issue of same sex couples. However, my favorite response was about what does it matter how others celebrate today. It is not hurting you so leave them be.

I decided for this post to make it very positive. I read about so many couples, and their hate for each other,and the impact it has on their ability to co-parent. Now, do not think that my ex and I are picture perfect co-parents – we’re not, yet. We are able to be civil. We co-parent. But we still have a ways to go before it is perfect.

I want to focus on the positives of my ex-husband for today. First, we made an amazing child. She is beautiful, intelligent, and has a big heart. He is able to provide for his child financially. He provides child support. He helps buy school clothes. He helps with expenses for her to do multiple sports throughout the year. He spends money on her just because. I know that sounds negative, and I used to view it as a negative. It was a slap in the face that I could not get her a toy or a little something extra because money is always so tight. But ex can afford it and then he would show off in front of me. How do I view it now? He is spending money on HIS child. Let him. I don’t mind the Disneyland co-parent. He provides a roof over her head. When she goes to him for his visitation I know that she does have a place to sleep – whether it is at his house or at girlfriend’s house. He does not do drugs. He has never walked away. Even though he was not faithful to me, he has never disappeared from her life. Now, I have had to remind him to call or to spend time with her, but he has always be around. For the most part, we can communicate.

I started out my morning by messaging my father and my ex-husband. I am looking forward to spending the day with my child since ex is currently deployed. Figured we will catch a movie, have some lunch, and try to figure out what to get ex for Father’s Day.


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