Parenting. Am I doing it right?

I’m sure all parents wished their children came with handbooks, right?

Today’s society is slowly getting closer to that wish. There’s an app to help parents decide if a baby’s cry means hunger, hurt, distress, etc. On social media, there are so many mom groups for other moms to ask questions and get advice.

I want a great relationship with my daughter. I want to raise her to be a strong, confident woman. During, and after, my divorce I worried about being able to parent her in a broken home.

I never worried about when to feed her, change her, what to do when she was sick because that came naturally to me. I was a nervous having a baby, but I knew I would be able to care for her.

I worried about being able to correctly teach her right from wrong; how to be a friend when you are an only child; how to care about others; how to love yourself.

I must be doing something right. This weekend, I have been taking pictures of a pageant. Long hours – 13 hours on the first day then another five hours yesterday. Tonight is the final night. However, my daughter has been at a friend’s house so she would not have to sit around the entire time. I was still taking pictures around 10:30pm last night. I get a text from her telling me “good night” and “I love you.” I responded. I mentioned I was still at the pageant. The next message from her completely melted my heart; she told me to “be careful.” To have a pre-teen to consider someone else and to care about someone getting home safely is amazing.

Some days I wonder if I am raising her right. After last night, I got my answer for another day. I must be doing something right.


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