Be Strong

All night, I continued to think about something I wrote yesterday – are people who have a history of being abused, have depression and/or anxiety not worth being loved? I found myself actually debating on finding guys online – that I’ve already dismissed – just to have a date, a quick hook up, or even just some human touch.

I didn’t.

Why do that to myself?

I need to learn from my mistakes. I need to realize I AM worth so much more than what those “boys” have to offer. Several of them would string me along then disappear, then reappear to ask for sex, of course I would turn them down. Another one told me I wasn’t relationship material, but if I was dtf let him know. So, actually I didn’t even get online.

Instead, I did some painting.

Yes, I’m not going to meet a man by sitting at my house painting, but at least I’m not going to let my depression make me do something that I am going to regret in the long run.

My daughter and I paint and hide kindness rocks. I painted some for us to hide when she gets back home from ex’s. I also painted one just for her. She loves the movie IT. So I painted a rock with an IT theme.



7 thoughts on “Be Strong

  1. I love that you and your daughter paint kindness rocks and leave them around for people to find! What a great idea! I might copy you on that and do that with my son. 🙂

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    1. The kindness rocks are awesome to family time. Fairly cheap — depending on where you can find rocks. Just buy paint and pay for gas/transportation to get around. It is so much fun. There are many groups online. I found one just recently that do Rock Pals — like a pen pal with rocks. They are around the country and around the world – you mail 2 rocks to your rock pal (one for them to keep, and one for them to hide for someone else to find). You can share one time, or on a regular basis. I do not have a rock pal yet – but really hoping to get one for an awesome surprise for my kiddo’s 13th birthday.

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  2. This brings back memories. I made myself a promise not to look anymore, especially on line, until my daughter graduated from high school. That was six months away and I realize that might be longer for you. I did a lot of painting after my divorce. I explored what I love about myself and focused on hobbies, friendships and the constants in my life that gave me peace and joy. My high school sweetheart found me the day after my daughter graduated. God had been working on this plan all along. Good for your for painting, and kindness rocks are great! Take care of you and trust the timing. So glad to find you! Thanks for the follow!

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