Ghosting and Zombies

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Ghosting and zombies, no not time for Halloween… yet, just another day in the life of online dating.

Ghosting hurts. It leaves you wondering what is wrong with you and what did you do wrong. What is really happening is the person is chatting with multiple people and then goes after one and ghosts on the other. Instead of being hard on yourself, think of it as a free trial. You wouldn’t have been satisfied with the long term product anyway. The right person for you will not make you feel that you are not good enough.

Zombies are annoying. It is after someone disappears – whether they ghost or you part ways for whatever reason – and they return. Just like the zombies in movies, these are annoying and a challenge to deal with. One of two things can happen: 1. you give them another chance; or 2. you get rid of them. I was guilty of giving them multiple chances. Hell, I gave my ex-husband a second chance, why not these guys too.

So, last week out of the blue I had two guys chatting with me.

Guy #1: Lives about 1.5 hours away. Dark hair, and blue eyes.  Conversation is hit and miss. Lasts maybe three days and then ghosts.

Guy #2: Lives about 15 minutes away. Again, dark hair and blue eyes. Conversation wasn’t too bad. BUT… leery of this one. I’d messaged him before with no reason, why is he chatting with me now? Same story, lasts maybe three or four days and then ghosts.

They can stay gone. I’m not chasing either of them.


2 thoughts on “Ghosting and Zombies

  1. Commonly people who ghost are only interested in sex. Just so you know…

    The reason they chat is to see if you’re up for it. When they realise you don’t want casual sex they ghost. They zombie when they think you’re the easiest target. No real loss either way.

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