Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I enjoyed having my daughter home a extra day – didn’t have to run her to any activities – for Labor Day. It was a fun, relaxing day. We goofed off. We went to the store – I found this cute bookcase for $15. We bought it. My daughter put it together. (I was there and offered help. But she loves assembling things. And she is actually really good at it. She put together our DVD shelf and our coat/shoe rack.) We painted rocks. We watched a movie. We chit-chatted.

The bookcase got built and placed in the hallway. We moved all of her rocks to the new shelf. It looks amazing. The bookcase is about three foot tall and almost three foot in length. It has three different shelves. It is completed packed with her rock collection now. I knew she had a lot of rocks, but I did not realize just how many she actually has!! Just painted rocks, she has 200 different ones! Now, you add in her crystals, arrowheads, and rocks that are not painted – just cool, interesting rocks – this brings her rock collect up to around 300 items! (Yeah, I’m going to have to think about buying another bookcase)

Ex’s birthday was last month. I didn’t have extra money at the time, so I told my daughter she could get him something yesterday for his birthday. Walking through the store, she asked “what does he like?” I’m thinking: girl, I don’t have a clue. I haven’t been with ex is over three years. He has way more money than I do. If he wants something, he can go – and will go – buy it. So, she got him different items and made a goodie/snack basket. I didn’t even know what he likes to eat. I find it interesting, after my divorce I went back to him for two years because I didn’t think I could live without him and now I don’t have a clue what he likes, nor do I really care.

Ex happened to be at his house as we were leaving town. So, I stopped by and let my daughter give him his birthday gift. I think he liked it. He smiled – he looked excited – and said “thank you” to her and me multiple times. As we were driving home, my daughter said “I think he hated it.” What? Why? She really didn’t have a reason. She just felt like he wasn’t sincere and that he didn’t like it. No excuses for ex. I told her at least she got him something for his birthday – it’s the thought that counts.

I get way she thinks like that. I thought like that for years when I was it ex – I’m not good enough; what I do is not good enough. She told me about staying with ex and girlfriend for Friday and Saturday. My heart broke. All of girlfriend’s kids were gone for the weekend – perfect chance for my ex to focus on our daughter. Nope. He focused on girlfriend. He focused on college football.

Oh, and side note, I decided to block the one guy from the dating site – the local just looking for fun. He did not answer in a timely manner – I know, people are busy and not attached to their phones/computers. He was on the site and made the choice not to respond. So, later loser. Guess I will have to find someone else to have fun with. haha.


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