Birthday Update

My birthday started out rough – ghosting and then hitting depression about maybe ending up being a crazy cat lady forever. However, the day got better. I got my daughter yesterday after school. She painted me a beautiful rock of a sunset. We watched a movie and goofed off. Oh, and I started a new account on a different dating site. This one, the female has to send the first message. So, I am waiting for my first “match.”

Downside, my kid told me about being at ex’s gf’s house Thursday night and Friday morning. Apparently they used all of her shower stuff while she was gone. She told ex, and he said ‘yeah they were using mine too so I hid my stuff.’ SERIOUSLY?!? He thinks to “hide” his stuff, but not our daughter’s stuff. And what kind of relationship is it that you need to hide stuff? Then she told me that she was bleeding and needed a band-aid, but they are put up out of reach at ex’s gf’s house, and both adults were in bed and all the kids were still awake. Next issue, why the hell are the adults asleep while the kids are still awake on a school night!?! Why is the first aid kit out of reach, what if something serious happens?!? (My daughter is certified in First Aid and CPR. So, I know if she has the kit she will be good. She also knows she can call me ANYTIME.) Final issue, ex takes our daughter to school on his days – obviously, because gf’s kids go to a different school district. So, my daughter told me he had to wait to put them on the bus and the bus was about 15 minutes late, so he drove her to a restaurant to grab breakfast but she didn’t have time to finish it and she was almost late for school. My question, where was gf? Why does ex need to put HER children on the bus? Why are HER children more important than OUR child?!? Apparently, gf was in the house sitting on her ass watching TV.

ARGH!! He cheated on me. Even after our divorce, when I was still with him he chose this woman over me!! WHAT THE HELL MAKES HER SO AMAZING!?!?! Why is my daughter having to suffer because this woman is so great?!? (Apparently not only ex thinks she is great. I tried dating a local. We talked on the phone for about a week. We had planned on meeting in person that weekend. I found him on social media. The first friend on his list was ex’s gf. So I asked him how did he know her – I’d hate to go on a double date and it be them. He said they are very good friends. They used to date. Now, they meet up each month for lunch. I told him that was my ex’s gf. He then said oh your “ex’s name” ex-wife? WHAT?!? He’s heard of me, fun. He said well “ex’s gf” is a SAINT, and there is not a better woman on the Earth than her. I told him I disagreed and I had to bow out because I was not comfortable with the situation.) I will add, I thought it was odd she was meeting and lunching with this man. So, I told ex. He asked gf. She said they never dated. She used to babysit his children a few years go. (The guy had 1 child – who is married). Ex told me I was lying and the guy was lying to me. Really? What did HE have to lose by lying to me? What does GIRLFRIEND have to lose by telling ex the “truth?”

I’m annoyed. I’m angry. I’m disappointed. I feel so bad for my daughter. I’m not sure if I should talk to ex. I’m seriously thinking he doesn’t need our daughter on school nights. If that is going to be the situation then let me keep her on Thursdays and he can just get her after school on Fridays.


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