Taking a Break

After the situation with the serial cheater, I jumped right back into online dating. No way was I going to let him discourage me from continuing my search for Mr. Right. That was back in May of this year. Since then, I haven’t even been on a date. I get fwb/dtf offers often though – lucky me, ha-ha. I don’t care how much I miss sex, I’m not that easy. I demand to date and to get to know each other first.

No one makes it past a day of conversation.

As much as I would love to go on a date. I’m ready for a break from online dating again.

I think dealing with that unnecessary drama is causing some of the depression. I try and fail. It is discouraging.

It’s making me more and more jaded. Had one message me today. His profile picture was a hand gun. His message started like everyone else’s: hello beautiful…

I am so sick of guys thinking just because they say “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “babe,” or any other “pet name” that I am going to melt into their arms, and drop my panties. Actually, it is quite the opposite. I want to vomit. I feel so gross. I know they do the same thing to every single woman they message until someone messages back. Especially the one’s – scammers – that try so hard: I had to stop and admire your profile. You are so beautiful. Your eyes and smile made my heart stop. I could not stop looking at your beautiful picture. I know you are something special. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Move on loser, this chick is tired of guys trying to play her.

Not sure how long this break will last. I’ve taken a six month break, and a year break from online dating.

Who knows, maybe during this break Mr. Right will cross paths with me. But he better make the first move. I don’t know if I can make the first move again – I seen this very, very good looking guy at the park with his daughter. She was close to my daughter’s age. We talked and laughed. He was not wearing a wedding ring. I gave him my number – found out he was married. Oops…