Music is Powerful

It’s amazing how you hear a certain song and all of these memories flood you. Granted some memories are good, some are bad.

Even songs that you don’t like are still able to bring back memories.

I was watching Family Guy yesterday and the song “Africa” by toto came on. I used to be able to stand that song. Then a several years ago, my ex, daughter, and I did this mud run 5k for a few hours, and that song was played on a loop for the entire time!! I was so sick of that song! I heard that song yesterday and that day popped into my mind. I had to laugh.

One song that I truly avoided was the song that was played at my wedding. I refused to listen to that song for many years after my divorce. Then a couple of years ago, I heard it on the radio. The day of my wedding played in my head, the outcome of my marriage played. I expected to cry. I didn’t. I still loved that song. I don’t listen to it unless it comes on the radio, just to avoid those memories.

But thanks to Family Guy, I have had “Africa” stuck in my head the rest of yesterday and today – haha.


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