Online Dating Update – 1 week

So, a week ago I had had enough with online dating drama. I decided I needed to take another break (This will be the third break since I started online dating a little over two years ago. My first break was for six months. The second break was for an entire year. I’m not sure how long this break will last).

I was starting to feel discouraged. The guys on there… – now, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are some AWESOME guys on there, BUT they were NOT the ones messaging me. They are not the ones that live close to me. The guys that message me and are locals – or within a couple of hours away – make you feel so gross, that when you bathe you can not get the water hot enough to actually feel clean.

It’s been a peaceful week. I have been busy with work, painting, and my daughter’s millions of activities.

I miss dating. I miss the touch from another person. I miss having an adult to converse with. I do not miss wondering if he is married, engaged, dating another person. I do not miss the drama of dating and being a parent. I do not miss the insecurities of not making the cut during dating. I really do not miss the awkwardness of trying to get to know random strangers online.


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