Losing Faith in Dating

The last few days, I’ve seen posts where people are asking others’ opinions: Should I avoid dating a military vet, because they may have PTSD? Should I avoid dating someone who works early mornings/night shift, because when would I get to see them?

I’m sitting here thinking – what narrow-mindedness… Not all vets have PTSD and not all individuals with PTSD are military vets. That would be like someone saying I don’t date divorced moms because they are probably either man-haters or just looking for a “dad” for their child(ren).

And not to date someone because of the shift they work?!? What? I am up seven days a week at 3am for work. I would hate to think that guys refuse to date me because I have a weird sleep schedule.

My “favorite” are the profiles saying not to message them if you are a fat chick. I know those are the guys that are about as deep as a puddle, but still you dismiss everyone because of their weight? (I have seen some larger guys that I find attractive, then others that I don’t find attractive. But to automatically rule out everyone is a complete group… nah)

Had one guy message me (a zombie – which I will add, he is now blocked), telling me he is wanting a “normal” relationship. Uh, what is “normal?” My normal is not your normal – and I will add I HATE that word – I get what he was trying to say – but still, he was wanting a “typical relationship” with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, the man is the bread-winner and the wife cooks, cleans, and likes to cuddle (this was his definition of a “normal” relationship not mine).

I want to date. I want a relationship. But I am seriously losing faith in people… I’m about ready to say I am just looking for friends with benefits and see how that goes.


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