Next Phase

So, I got a message from the guy: “wanna text?” Guess he is ready to move into the next phase of online dating: the texting phase.

I know what you are thinking – weren’t you two already messaging each other? What’s the difference?

We were messaging through the dating site. Texting with phones is easier. More convenient.

I guess I will give him my number.

Hate giving out my number.

I used to use an texting app to avoid giving out my number. I haven’t really bothered with texting much, so the app has been removed from my phone. And the texting phase really hasn’t happened lately – except with the young guy (remember the 20-something-year-old? He lasted maybe two days and then disappeared).

So, now you’re thinking, why am I so hesitant on handing out my phone number?

With today’s technology, it’s amazing how easily people can find each other. I do searches on social media and various photo sites often – that is how I caught the serial cheater. There are sites to find phone numbers – most of them, you have to pay a small fee to get access to the information. I have tried searching my own number. My town does come up – without paying a fee. I don’t know what information is available if you pay the fee. I do know the service provider is not correct – so I’m thinking the address will probably not be correct as well.

I haven’t really gotten any red flags from this guy. But not like we’ve actually chatted enough for any red flags to show up. There’s still no spark. So am I being mean to give him my number? And I leading him on?

I did ask him what he was looking for: just friends and dating.


6 thoughts on “Next Phase

  1. I know the feeling about giving out numbers. In Paris they often wanted your metro station so I’d lie and say one that was near but I never used.

    One guy on snapchat wanted me to see him. I said I’d go to the bar, he wanted me at his house. I said no. I got back from work he’d grabbed a 12 or a 24 pack of beers and said he was waiting for me that evening. I said I couldn’t. He said he’d wait at my metro station and punch my face in 😂

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    1. Well, isn’t he charming…

      Yeah, it is scary. I refuse to tell any of the guys where I live – or even close to where I live. They get so mad because I will not give out numbers or Netflix and Chill.

      I’ve been in worse case situations before – I have been raped. I have been knocked to the floor, pinned down. I’ve been chocked by someone on a date.

      I have to keep my kid safe. I need to buy a burner phone just for online dating. lol

      I know there are fake numbers you can give guys – they are rejection hot lines – I haven’t done that yet.

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      1. Hehe. I lived in a flat. They’d need a door code and a key or a lot of luck to get in there.

        I could see this guy was a creeper as soon as he wanted to skip the bar and go to his. That’s life.

        It’s important keeping yourself safe. You seem to know how so that’s great. Maybe do a post on how to keep yourself safe while dating online

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      2. I’ve done a few posts about catching red flags with online dating and some safety tips when actually meeting people from online. I will probably do additional ones – I’m sure the older ones get lost.

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  2. I am glad you’ll be updating the red flags in online dating again. Not that I’m there yet, but sooner rather than later I think for me to try it. I would use the texting app again…don’t know why I’m saying that, but the feeling came pretty strong. Good luck!

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