Abort: Phase Two

The other day I talked about the guy I had been chatting with. He had asked for my number so we could text.

I debated all day yesterday about giving him my number.

I had not noticed any red flags from this guy. He sent messages to me about safe topics (music, movies, food).

But he did not try to get to know ME. Did not ask what my hobbies were. Did not ask about my job.

I did ask what he was looking for – he just wanted a friend, maybe lead to dating.

I felt no attraction to him. No spark. No excitement. I did not look forward to having him text me.

I wondered if giving him my number would be leading him on. Maybe if I gave him my number then he would be more interested in getting to know me. But, there would still be the issue of no spark towards him.

I gave his profile another look. I looked at his pictures again. He reminded me of the serial cheater. Same smile. Same eyes and hair color. Same body type.

That was why there was no spark – no it was not the serial cheater.


I blocked him.


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