Vacation Day… Take Two?

Two weeks ago I attempted to take a vacation day. I had planned for it to be a mental day… a day to relax and catch up on some sleep. When, in reality, I felt weird not working; so, I completely rearranged my house and cleaned from top to bottom. Well, I think this weekend I am going to take a vacation day for real this time. Actually sleep and not worry about anything else.

I am in desperate need – mentally and physically – of a day off.

Physically: I am worn down. My back is always hurting – probably doesn’t help that I’m either sitting in front of a computer or standing and holding a camera. My knee has been hurting this past week, the weather – cold and rainy – isn’t helping – I got kicked by a horse when I was younger. So, occasionally, my knee gives me problems. I have kept a headache for about three days in a row now. I figure it is a combination of lack of sleep and probably starting to get sick.

Mentally: I think I am losing my mind. Monday, I asked my daughter multiple times what day it was – I don’t know why, it did not feel like a Monday. We went into a store for one item. I walked in the store and froze. I did not know what aisle to go to – I could not remember what that one item was. I stopped at a gas station and sat trying to locate a key – guess I’m used to getting home and finding my key.

So, yeah. A vacation day is really needed.


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