Well, My Nightmare Happened

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For years, I’ve worried about how would I feel if, and when, ex gets engaged to girlfriend. Would I be happy? angry? sad? How would I find out? How would my daughter feel? Would she get to be there to watch the proposal? Every Christmas, New Year’s, and birthdays I’ve tried to prepare myself for ex to ask girlfriend to marry him.

They moved in together a week or so ago. Apparently, today he popped the question. I was surprised that I was not sad. I don’t know if I am happy or not, because how it happened actually was horrible.

I picked my daughter up from practice. She was on social media and said “dad got married today.”

I asked “married or engaged?”

She said, “I guess engaged.”

When did that happen?

I guess today.

Oh, how do you know?

Girlfriend’s kid posted something on social media.


By this time, my daughter is fighting back tears. She said ex didn’t tell her. He didn’t pack her lunch today. And girlfriend will not accept her friend request on social media.

So, I call ex.


Hello, why didn’t you pack our daughter lunch for school today?

I didn’t know I needed to.

She doesn’t eat chili.

Well, sorry.

Oh, did you get engaged today?


Did you say anything to our daughter?

No, because it just happened today.

You can’t tell me you didn’t know beforehand to at least give her a heads up.

I was going to tell her later.

Girlfriend’s kid posted it. Our daughter’s feelings are hurt.


He talked to our daughter for maybe two minutes on the phone. All she said was “okay.”

She hands me the phone back.


Me: What?

Oh, I guess she’s done talking to me.

She handed me the phone back.

Well, I told her why I didn’t tell her beforehand and I apologized.

Yeah, sorry doesn’t mean much coming from you.


By this time, I am angry. I am bitter. He took girlfriend to a mountain overlook to propose. (Yes, he told me). Now, my feelings are hurt.

I said, “awe, at least she got a better proposal than I did. Congratulations.”


When ex proposed to me, many many years ago, we were sitting in the car. We were sitting in the parking lot about to go into a restaurant. He pulled out a ring box and tossed it at me and said “here.”

I’ve talked to my daughter. She is hurt. She is mad. She said she is not happy about the situation.

She said when she gets engaged she is not telling him.

My heart broke. That is what my ex is teaching our daughter? Great…

I told her before I get engaged, if it ever happens – I can’t even find someone to date – the guy will have to get permission from my daughter first.

I told her that at least she’ll get a part in the wedding. She’s like, yeah everybody gets a part even if it’s just being a guest to witness the wedding. So, my daughter is bitter.



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