Christmas Event Invite

So, I got invited to a Christmas party. That has never happened in my life. I don’t get invited to things. I get overlooked and ignored.

A part of me wants to go. It does sounds fun. They go to dinner, have a gift exchange, and then do a scavenger hunt.

The other part of me is screaming “JUST SAY NO!” I won’t fit in. I won’t know anyone. What if I get stuck being alone? What if you’re suppose to bring a date?

Makes my anxiety start to make me panic thinking about the different reasons I should turn down the invitation.

The person that invited me is a single mom, too. She is divorced with three kids. She is not dating anyone right now. So, that information alone leads me to believe it will be okay showing up without a date. A gift would not be hard. I can go to the dollar tree and pick up some items easily. I don’t like eating in front of people. But I really doubt anyone would judge me for eating. They will all be eating. Plus, its a Mexican restaurant. So, everyone will be eating and chatting, in this energetic atmosphere. Not sure how the scavenger hunt will work. I fear it will be like being picked for playground games. But, if I go then I will be out of the house. Maybe make a new friend. Maybe meet a guy. I don’t know.


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