Against My Better Judgement…

I know the past few weeks I have wrote a lot about my dad. Today marks three weeks since he was killed. I ordered a picture book of him. I got it in the mail yesterday. I cried and laughed the whole time looking at the pictures. Cried because he is gone. Laughed because all of the wonderful memories. I thought to myself, I can’t wait to show him this book. I stopped and cried even more. I know he is gone. It still doesn’t seem real though.

But, actually I’m not really going to write about dad or ex in today’s post. Surprised, huh?

So, against my better judgment, I’m chatting with someone.

He did not have a – still does not have a – picture of himself. His profile picture was a meme. A sexist meme, I might add. It was the female dictionary. Now, the meme has been deleted – he got reported for it and the site removed it. (No, I did not report him.)

So, red flag – no profile picture. I asked why no picture. He said because he wanted someone to get to know him for him, not for his looks. Hmm.. I’ve heard it all before. My thought is there needs to be a physical attraction. I’m sorry. As shallow as it sounds, there needs to have physical chemistry. I have chatted with someone and then seen them and got turned off completely.

We have chatted about music and movies.

He tells me he loves horror movies, but found The Nun scary.

Ummm… hmm. I’m not joking when I say I love horror movies. I watch them all the time. So much so that I predict the scares. So, if a guy thought that movie was scary then he probably shouldn’t watch movies with me.

He has a good taste in music. He likes similar bands as me. He is more rock and alternative, not the metal bands though.

He’s never been married. Okay, that worries me. Why has he never been married?

He has two kids by different women. Hmm, not quite a red flag but definitely a yellow flag.

Grammar… he can not properly use their/there/they’re or your/you’re. My pet peeve is improper grammar. Drives me crazy! And not crazy in a good way…

I asked him what does he do for work. He is on disability. Apparently has a prosthetic leg. I didn’t ask details or anything. He said if that was a deal breaker than he understood.

I don’t know if it is. I’m not so shallow that I would not give someone a chance. But if anything happens I would definitely want more information. I don’t know. So, I wonder about since he gets disability what was he do with his time during the day.

He has a similar personality as me. So, maybe my humor and personality isn’t too bad.

I have the impression he is either a complete push over or has depression or anxiety. Something. I haven’t pinpointed it yet.

Seriously not holding my breath. Too many flags on the play. But, nice to chat with someone.


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