New Guy

I’m still talking to the new guy – we’ll name him “James.”

James did send me a picture of himself. That dreaded bathroom selfie – at least the toilet wasn’t in the picture or anything. ha-ha. But not a great picture, but at least I have an idea of what this guy looks like…. He looks like my ex-husband….

Now, that might be the poor bathroom lighting. The angle of the picture. I don’t know. The fact that, like my ex, James is a tall, slender white guy with short brown hair and blue eyes.

The conversation is still going on. I wonder how much he really wants to know about me, though.

He makes small talk, very well actually. He answers all of my questions. He asks general questions, but doesn’t dig deeper. For example, he asked if I like my job but didn’t ask what I do. He asked if I was looking forward to Christmas – of course, this year the answer is “no’ – but he didn’t ask why.

He notices that I’m guarded. He said that he is tough and willing to wait to break down my walls because they seem pretty thick.

Before he sent me a picture of himself, he asked what happens if I like his picture. I said I don’t know, I might ask you out. He said he’s never been asked out before. He said he always asks first. So, don’t know if I’m insulted or not. If he always asks first then why hasn’t he asked me out. Or, if I ask him out will I get rejected, ghosted, or played.

He has tried to talk about sex. I told him I’m not discussing anything sexual or that personal until I really get to know the person – I’ve learned that lesson. No sex talk, no sexting, no pictures, no sex until I am ready. And, seriously, that serial cheater made me not ready to put myself in that position – no pun intended – for a while. I mean, I miss sex. But I don’t want to be used by another guy. Anyway, James said that sex was his specialty, but he would respect me not wanting to talk about it so he hasn’t asked anything else sexual in nature.

He seems like a descent guy, right?

I mean, maybe I should ask him out and at least see what happens in person.


7 thoughts on “New Guy

  1. I think it’s a brave thing, to begin dating. I’m useless at relationships so all I can say is be true to yourself, trust your intuition and I hope all goes well for you. X

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      1. I’ve been single for 6years now, and I’m not ready for dating. I’m only just beginning to find out about me. It’s nice to have acceptance in this area. It’s brought me a lot of freedom.

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      2. Completely understand. I think people have to be comfortable with their own company. So, I think being single can be a very positive thing. I also do miss the friendship, the physical touch, and that partnership that comes with a relationship. But, I am not going to rush back into anything. I’m okay with being single, for now.

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