Party and Conversation with my Mom

I am now the parent of a teenager. That. is. insane!

Ex is still being a pain and not communicating with me. He went and bought a professionally made cake – didn’t tell me. A heads up would have been nice because I showed up with cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels – all homemade. The girls ate my stuff, very quickly. They picked at ex’s cake. It was a pretty cake, but it didn’t taste good.

My daughter had so much fun swimming with her friends. Three of them were unable to show up, but she still had fun with the ones that were able to attend. It is hard having a party between Christmas and New Years.

I barely got my car started yesterday. So, I had to go buy a new battery – was hoping it was a battery issue and not the starter. I bought the battery and almost cried – that was almost everything I had in my checking account.

At the party, ex had my daughter, since it was his day, so he brought her to the pool. The staff knew she was having a party because ex had a running tab for all of her friends’ tickets. I got there – I don’t swim because I’m not that great of a swimmer and besides I would rather watch my kid have fun then tag along. I was sitting there watching them and one of her friends asked if she could leave her stuff next to me, sure. A staff member comes up and was doing a head count. She asked if that was my child. I said no. I explained which one was mine, and said that is my daughter’s friend that’s here for her party. She said, “oh, that’s his daughter that’s having the party,” and pointed at ex. I said, “Yeah. We’re divorced. Hence she is my daughter, too.” She was shocked. She said, “Oh. Well I won’t go there.” I’m thinking, yeah you probably shouldn’t.

Then, I called mom. We talk a lot these days. I want to be a good daughter. I know that’s what dad would have wanted. But, it’s hard. She is already ready to move on. Then compares our situations – saying that divorced people don’t want relationships. What?!? Are you kidding! I would love a fairy tale relationship and marriage like my parents had. Then, she asked if I would be the secondary on the legal stuff – I said sure. She asked how much I had left to pay off my piece of crap car. She said she wanted to give me the money to pay off the car and take me to buy a new car – expected me to buy a car this weekend (please! I barely had the money to buy a battery. Where the hell am I going to get a down payment and sales tax money from?!?). Then, told me things that dad “said” – honestly, I don’t know if dad said these things or if they are things that she wanted to discuss and now she can use him as the escape goat. But insulted my car, my house, my furniture, my job, my ex, my life. Oh, then hinted around about religion. I know what she was doing. She said dad asked her if I’d turned Atheist. She was expecting me to answer back. I didn’t respond. I’m not Atheist. I know my answer would not be an answer she would want to hear – because I’m not Christian. I don’t want to hear her preach or bitch at me. And, frankly, it is none of her business which religion I am.


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