What Would Be Your Superpower?

I’m sure everyone has been asked this question at least once in your life: What would be your superpower?

Growing up we imagine having superpowers. One various questionnaires we are asked this question. I’ve even seen this question as an ice breaker for trainers and for first dates.

Sometimes choices are provided for you to choose from. The most common, of course, is flying. I have never chosen that option. I am scared of heights; so, flying does not appeal to me at all.

Another common choice is often invisibility. I’m pretty sure I already have that superpower. I have always been overlooked and forgotten about. Growing up, of course, I wanted to be invisible. I was tried of bullies. I just wanted to disappear and be left alone. Even as an adult, I think I occasionally still have that power. I know with my depression, I’ve asked myself millions of times: If I completed my suicide, how long would it take for someone to even notice?

I usually choose the mind reading option. When I was married, I really wanted that superpower. I knew ex was lying to me, but why? What was the truth? Maybe if I could have read his mind, I could have saved our marriage. Maybe I would have gotten the closure that I know I am never going to get. Maybe I would have caught serial cheater much quicker. But then you have to think about the negative part of reading minds. Would you be able to hear everyone’s thoughts all at once? Would you be able to control it? Would you really want to know what people are thinking?

Honestly, I would want the power to see the future. I know there would negative points to this power, but I think the good would outweigh the bad. For example, if I could have seen the future I could have prevented my dad from being on the road at 7am on November 30, 2018. He would have still been alive.

So, what brought on this random thought?

Yesterday, I was driving to work and there was this gorgeous dog (looked like a pit bull) in the road. He looked healthy. No collar. I assume someone dumped him there. I had to slam on my brakes not to hit him with my car. I told him to get out of the road and I went to work. On my way back home, I seen him again. This time he was laying in the middle of the road. My heart sank. I wish I’d knew that was going to be what happened to the poor dog. I would have got him into my car and took him to work with me. I would have brought him home.

So, what would be your superpower?


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