Doctor Appointment

Years ago, I was sent to the doctor from work. My stress and anxiety were preventing me from working to my full potential. That is when I was diagnosed.

I have never – I mean NEVER – spoken to my doctor about my depression.

I decided it is time. I made an appointment. I will go in next week to talk to him about my depression. I have a lot of anxiety about the situation. I was placed on medication for my stress and anxiety disorder, but that did not help. So, I stopped taking them. A part of me is worried that it will be the same thing with the depression. Or, I will be considered this horrible mom because I have depression.

I’ve suffered this long silently. I thought I could keep going, but I can’t. It is seriously taking a toll on me – mentally and physically.

Anyone that is on Facebook has seen the “How Hard Has Aging Hit You” challenge – where you post your first profile picture with your most current profile picture. I seen a major difference – good and bad. But the bad is what caught my eye. I looked tired. I looked pale and washed out. My hair has no shine. I can see a big difference in just six short years.

So, I made the first step – I hope the right choice – to make a doctor’s appointment.


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