7 weeks

Tomorrow will be seven weeks since my dad’s death. Doesn’t seem possible. It seems like it was just yesterday I was getting the call. But then again, it feels like I have been dealing with this grief for much longer than just seven weeks!

Seems like mom still has people that are around to help her. It helps that dad and her worked at the same place, so all of the co-workers are being amazing. They bought this 4ft tall metal cross to place on the side of the road where dad was killed. I can not wait to see it. They are getting his name and birth date and death date engraved into it. The issue is state law says you can not place things on the side of the road; so, they are having to get permission from the land owner next to the road to mount the cross onto his land.

I, however, don’t have that support system. In fact, someone said by far the stupidest thing to me… They say that it’s been long enough that by now I should be over it. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? First off, I was a major daddy’s girl. Secondly, it was sudden and tragic. How am I supposed to just get over it. I don’t think in any amount of time I will “just get over it.” I bit my tongue. I wanted to lash out, but I didn’t. I fought back anger. I fought back tears. I avoided that person as much as possible after that, which is challenging because we work together.


One thought on “7 weeks

  1. People say dumb shit all the time during periods of grief. Especially those who have no capacity for love or those who have never experienced loss. Try to ignore their ignorance and frankly, unkindness. Grief takes as long as it takes and you will feel some of it forever as you miss him. Grief is the price we pay for love. Seven weeks is very fresh xxx

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