True Friends and Secrets

I was talking with someone about true friends. The idea of having a true friend – someone you can turn to in your time of need; someone you can share all of your secrets with; someone that brings you comfort. The person said they didn’t have a true friend. I started thinking about my life. Honestly, when I was married I thought ex was a true friend. I don’t think I have a true friend either. I have friends. I have a close friend that I can typically call if I need help with my daughter. But, I haven’t told this friend about my anxiety and/or my depression. I’ve heard her thoughts on depression. She thinks it is a choice. People choose to be depressed. Right now, I honestly don’t have the mental strength to fight that battle and try to get her to see that it is not a choice. Actually, I haven’t told anyone – except my ex – about my depression diagnosis. Ex’s reaction was “I’m sorry.” I’ve thought about telling my mom. I have called but she talks about herself and then I pretty much say screw it, me telling her isn’t that important.


2 thoughts on “True Friends and Secrets

  1. Just discovered your blog. I have been battling with depression too. Some days are better than others. Here if you ever need someone to talk to. But tell people in your closest circle. They may struggle to understand but I find in general it’s better to give them a chance to try.

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