The Hell Continues

So, on November 30, 2018 a man on drugs got into a car and hit my dad head on. My dad was killed on impact. I was a major daddy’s girl. I was very close to my dad. I knew life would never be the same, but I did not realize what exactly that entitled…

The funeral was hard. I have pictures from that day. I have tried to talk about my dad, but the reaction that I get from others is 1. I get this sad look from people and they completely avoid me. (I hate it.) or 2. I am told that I’ve had enough time to process want has happened, I should be able to move on by now. (Bullshit.)

The man that killed my dad has been arrested multiple times since my dad’s death. He continues to post bail and gets back on the streets. He has been sent to court ordered rehab. After a week in rehab, they kicked him out.

Then, last week, my dad’s co-workers bought this beautiful four foot metal cross to be placed near where my dad was killed. It got placed. Someone’s already tore it down. I just don’t understand, why?


One thought on “The Hell Continues

  1. Please accept my healing hug. I am so sorry. Don’t let people tell you how long you may mourn. They are not you. People don’t know what to say when something tragic happens so forgive the misguided words of some of them. It is a tragedy what has happened to your family. I think perhaps if you could speak to a therapist/counselor, you’d be able to being to heal when you are ready. Maybe writing would help – a letter to whomever(s) you want and writing what you would like to say but without delivering that letter so that you may purge the feelings you are having. I am not sure what I am writing will help, but please know that I am writing from my heart in hopes to help you and not upset you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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