Dating is like Shopping

First off, I’ve survived another insane week. Went three days without water at my house (a water main busted). That was an adventure… Oh, and subzero temperatures froze the lock on my car one morning. I was about to break through the window just to be able to get into my car for work. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my follow-up. Unsure about my feelings on going back to the doctor.

Okay, okay. So, a zombie popped back up on one of my dating sites. I’d messaged this guy ages ago. Honestly, I don’t remember if he responded (a part of me says “no,” but he claims we exchanged messages). But, I am guarded. I am leery about him right away. I don’t like zombies coming back – I’ve learned that lesson!! He claimed that he’s never met anyone in person from online (um, then why sign up for online dating?!?). He said that he hasn’t met anyone from online because he didn’t like the idea of jumping from one date to the next until it felt right.

I was speechless for a minute. I mean, seriously?!? First off, online dating is like window shopping. You go by looks. If you like what you see then you go into the store and browse around. Same thing with online dating; if you see a picture that you like then you click on the profile and start reading about the person.

When shopping you look at different clothes. You don’t grab an item and say this in the one. You check sizes and prices. You pick a color and style. This is the messaging part of online dating. You want to see if you two click at all. You are messaging multiple people. Just like you are looking at multiple articles of clothing.

You try to the clothes on before you buy them – typically. This is just like dating. You are trying the person out. Is the chemistry in person? Trust me, I have clicked with someone through messages but not in person.

Now, some people may buy multiple articles of clothing. But, I’m poor – and I hate shopping – I only buy one. This is the same with dating. Some date multiple people. I’ve tried dating a couple at a time, didn’t like it. I prefer to focus my energy on one. But, I also know I’m not getting any younger and so focusing all my energy on one guy is a slow and often painful process.

I am also about sex before marriage. I know some people are not, but I have anxiety and I need to know what I am getting into. Just like I lived with my ex before we got married. It was easy to date – even after our divorce when we had our own houses – it is easy to be around each other when you had a place to get away from each other. It is a different story when we lived together all the time.

Honestly, I will probably end up blocking this current zombie (just with that site its more of a pain to block people – that’s why he wasn’t blocked a long time ago). I just like the comment he made. A part of me thinks it is an act. Think he might have been born with a silver tongue.


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