Court Date Changed

This week, so far, has been challenging. I was driving to work and my car lost acceleration and had the error “engine power reduced” start flashing. So, almost got into an accident because of that.

The guy that killed dad had a pretrial hearing. I was unable to go to it because of work and car issues. Mom said the guy walked into the court room like he was king of the world. His lawyer told the judge they would not be ready for the set court date and asked for an extension. The judge gave a new court date.

A fear I have is, just because this guy has money, he is going to get away with killing dad.

I do know my depression medication is helping. I was able to talk to someone about what happened to dad – I did feel the sting of tears and I did hear my voice crack, but I did not break down. I have been debating with myself if I made the right choice of not viewing his body – which, I think I did but sometimes I do wonder if it was the right choice.




2 thoughts on “Court Date Changed

  1. Don’t look back questioning your choices. You did what you believed was right in that moment so stay centered that it was and still is. May you find peace. Keeping you in my prayers.

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