First Date in Almost a Year

Despite my anxiety telling me to say “no,” and thinking of hundreds of excuses of why I should not go on the date – or things to say to him to get him to cancel – I went on the date.

He was nice enough, I guess. I was not physically attracted to him at all – actually, I don’t even remember what he said his name was. English is not his first language, so there were some barriers and misunderstandings. He talked about two of his exes A LOT. He’s only been doing online dating for a week. Turns out he only wants to have “fun” – yeah, code for sex. He said several times he was not interested in a relationship. Conversation was okay. We talked about different things. He touched my leg – definitely caught me by surprise. We meet on POF. So, when he touched my leg he said “he caught his fish.” Ha – red flag. Sorry, first date – you haven’t caught anything. He wanted to hold his hand. I refused. He asked me if I’ve caught any fish worth keeping; I said no. He told me I was very pretty and he would like to meet again. We did hug as we said goodbye – which was a big step for me. I don’t like close physical contact with random men.

It was nice to get out on a date again. There will not be a second date with him. But a major hurdle passed – I have finally been on a date since the serial cheater.

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