Online Dating – The Search Continues

Last Saturday, I had a date. I wasn’t feeling it with that guy. The fact that he still had feelings for two exes and he told me he was into another chick for some fun was too much. I immediately received another message – from a different guy. We’ve been chatting for a few days now. He is extremely talkative! He types in complete sentences – be still my heart. He so far seems like a decent guy. He asked for my phone number. He sensed hesitation on my part. He told me whenever I felt comfortable enough to give him my number. So, not sure if he is a great player or a very sincere guy.

He owns his own business. He has a teenage daughter. Similar things in common.

I’m kind of interested in meeting this guy.

I think he tried hinting around to asking me out. He asked what movies at the theater I was interested in seeing. I played it off as I didn’t know what was playing at the theater, but I did tell him a movie – that is not out yet – that I do want to see.

I am not going to ask him out. I do want him to ask me out. We’ll see how this week goes.


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