Four Months

Hard to believe tomorrow will mark four months since my dad was killed. It still seems like a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. I know he is gone, but I still wish that he was here. I still want that opportunity to give him one final hug and tell him that I love him.

My dreams this week have been fairly vivid.

I had a dream that it was seven years in the future and my dad returned. In the dream, I was getting married and was pregnant. He had came back to see my wedding day. There was a fence, on the other side of the fence was a road. In the middle of the road laid my dad’s body. (Keep in mind, I never seen my dad after he was killed. I did not go to his viewing, because I did not want to see the damage that was done during the wreck. I did see the car after the wreck though.) I could see his injuries. His body was twisted and mangled.

Another dream I had was about my ex. He hurt our daughter – I mean severely hurt her – and he told me that I had to wait until the next day to take her to the hospital that way I would have enough time to think of a story to tell the doctors instead of telling them the truth. I take her to the hospital right away. I start telling every nurse I see the truth. I get placed in a room with another nurse while they work on my daughter. I was telling the nurse what happened, and then my ex walks in and immediately starts telling his version of the truth.

**If anyone likes to interpret dreams, please feel free to do so with these.**

Online dating is back to typical losers. I get messages. If any lead to a conversation, it is short lived.


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