Accidental Texts

I always kind of wonder if accidental texts are actually “accidental.”

My ex occasionally will “accidentally” text me instead of girlfriend.

Used to it was a like a slap to the face. It was like he was rubbing it in my face that he was with someone and I was alone.

I was asking me about his work schedule – to see if he would be at our daughter’s softball game this week – and in the middle of our conversation he texts me: “hell yeah sexy. sounds like a plan.” I immediately text “gross.” I know I should have ignored it and just continued with our conversation. But it kind of annoys me – how can you confuse us with each other. Or was it an attempt to be an ass… The real question is, does he ever “accidentally” text girlfriend something meant for me? I seriously doubt it. So, how is it that I’m the one that gets the accidental texts.

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