Of course there are thousands upon thousands of reasons that it is shitty that my dad was killed. One of those reasons is now mom turns to me to vent. She calls to ask me what she should do in situations. She calls to bitch/vent about things. For example, “someone” tried breaking into her house. The alarm went off and the person disappeared. We’re both pretty sure who the person was. So, I have to be the voice of reason. I have to be this objective third party. I don’t mind – except my “advice” isn’t what she wants to hear.

The middle child is causing more and more drama. Apparently middle child is facing possible jail time. That’s all my family needs.

I feel frustrated.

I feel lost.

There is no one for me to vent and de-stress to.

Most days – here lately – I really just want to be left alone and to disappear.

One positive thing is the guy that killed day is currently in jail. Apparently he is being held for three more felonies. So, he can not post bail this time.


2 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. My heart goes out to you, and to your family. Its really hard when people don’t want to hear the advice that they’ve asked for. The next time it happens may be a good time to encourage her to either speak with her friends or to get out and meet with others. Best wishes. 💐

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