Scammers and Hurt Feelings

This past week has been very trying.

I had someone hack into my bank account. I’m still trying to fight those charges. I have my email setup where you have to get permission from my phone first. Someone has been trying to hack into my email account.

I had a random person message me on social media. They asked if the person killed in November was my dad. Said they knew the man that was driving and hopes he rots in jail. They wanted information about a trial.

Talk about red flags. I don’t know this person. I did not respond. First off, they are friends with this guy and his late wife. Second, trial information is available to the public so don’t ask me information. Third, how fucking cold can you be to message someone about this situation.

HOPEFULLY all the scammers are done trying to fuck up my life. I don’t know if I can take much more.

Then, I hate to admit it, but I got my feelings hurt bad. My daughter keeps asking what time her dentist appointment is and telling me to tell ex so he can be there. Ex hasn’t even asked. So, I’m worrying why is it so important that he be there?!? I find out it is because ex told her that he would ask the dentist about braces for her. Hell, I can do that – actually I have already took the steps needed to have her checked. Ex thinks he is going to walk in and ask for the dentist to look at her teeth and ask for braces and get to be a hero. When in reality, the dentist that is there isn’t even the one that has to be talked to about the possibility of braces. So, I have it set up for her appointment for the one dentist to look at her teeth. If he thinks braces might be needed then I already have a consultation day set up with the correct dentist.

My feelings are hurt because I would – and do – bend over backwards for my daughter. I go through all of this and I don’t get acknowledged. She is so set on having ex there. But does she act the same way to make sure I would be somewhere? I don’t know.

I know, I know. Parenting is hard. You do things without a thank you or acknowledgment. That is life. That is what it takes to be a good parent. I know ex is her father. I know it is not a competition. But I still feel hurt by the situation.


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