Life These Days

I did do a makeover on my daughter’s room while she was at camp. It looks very cool. It’s shades of blue, black, and silver with various shapes with white outlines. She is in love with her room.

I ended up wrecking my car. I hydroplaned and ended up hitting a few trees. My daughter walked away without a single scratch. My injuries were minor. I had a tibia contusion and a hematoma.

I got a very nice rent car while I waited for the insurance. Actually, I liked my rental so much, I went out and found a car like it to buy. The payments are more than I really wanted, but I’m hoping it works out. The car only has 22k miles. So, fingers crossed I will not have to worry about car issues for a long time.

The payments do worry me, especially since my employer cut everyone’s pay – I took a $3/hr pay cut. Talk about wanting to cry.

My patience with my ex-husband has pretty much ran out. I really think whatever love I had left for him is completely gone. His most recent stunt was the final nail in the coffin. Our daughter was with him. He took girlfriend’s kid to the dentist while girlfriend was at work. He left our daughter at girlfriend’s house with her teenager. (Okay, so far no issues… wait for it). He told my daughter not to respond to any of my calls or texts until he got back to the house. WHAT?!? He was supposed to be bringing her back to me at 9am. At 10am, I still hadn’t heard back from either of them. I tried calling him and his phone was turned off. I finally got a text from him saying he would bring her back in a little bit. (that doesn’t tell me anything). He finally brings her home. I made my daughter go into the house. I told ex if he ever tells our daughter not to respond to me or to lie to me again I will go to the cops to file a compliant. He’s excuse? He didn’t want me to “bitch” at him for leaving our daughter at the house without him there. (hmmm… news flash… he does it ALL the time.)

I am still taking my antidepressants. Some days I find the energy and motivation to get up and do things. Other days, it takes everything I have to force myself to crawl out of bed.


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