Hackers and Spam

I am so fucking tired of hackers. I have been dealing with them for about six months now. I have ran scans on my phone and computer, and both come up clean. Then I still have accounts getting hacked. WTF!!

Well, apparently my Facebook account has been tagging people in spam. My daughter asked me about it here a while back. I thought maybe it was an isolated situation. No one else mentioned it. Plus, I couldn’t see it on my account.

Fast forward to last night about 9pm. My mom calls me. I answered. It was odd for her to be calling that late. She starts accusing me of sending spam. Asking why would I tag dad in that. WHAT?!? That is the coldest, most insensitive thing, why would “I” do that?!? She continues telling me that she reported me when I tagged dad. She removed herself from the tag. A few weeks ago, apparently, another one of our mutual friends had asked mom if she thought I would be offended if this mutual friend untagged herself from the post.

I was so mad and hurt!

Mad that people thought I was doing that. That doesn’t even sound like me. Mad that apparently this shit has been going on for weeks and no one said a fucking word to me about it!

Hurt that people that I was doing that. Hurt that people don’t know me better. Hurt that people would rather untag themselves instead of talk to me.

Oh, and I get to spend a week in fb jail.



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