Vacation Trip

My mom contacted me. Told me she was taking my one brother one vacation with her. They were going on a week long vacation. She then took me by surprise and asked if my daughter and I would like to go. Of course a million of questions hit me at once. Before I could ask too many questions, she started giving a little more information. I would have to drive ourselves, because she is driving both of my brothers and nephew. Apparently, she is paying for them. So, we would have to pay for ourselves.

The time frame does not work because my daughter has events/activities/camps. Plus, taking a week off from work – yikes! I told her I couldn’t. The time is not good and I didn’t have the money. BIG MISTAKE. Then she starts trying to guilt me. “Don’t you have extra money set aside. This is what I do….” “Aren’t you going to get a refund from taxes? You come use that.” “I just want all of us to be together.”

Would I love to go on a vacation? Yes!

So, got me to thinking. Maybe, my daughter and I could take a mini-vacation. I got to looking at ideas. I found something cool that I might be able to afford. I could make a day trip of it, but I could also book a hotel and us stay overnight to make it a little longer. So, now it is a matter of seeing how much it would cost and if I will have the money.

If I did not have to make car payments, money would not be so tight. These car payments are killing me. I can’t attempt to refinance for another 18 months (I know, because I’ve talked to the bank. They couldn’t give me a better deal. Told me to try again in 18 months).


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