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Raising Teenagers

Having a Teenager Is Like Having a Cat That Only Comes Out to Eat ...

People always talk about the terrible two’s. Oh please, the toddler years are a cake walk compared to raising a teenager.

I knew having a teen would be a challenge. I was a horrible teenager. I knew my kid would probably make me pay for my sins.

She overall is a good kid. She is a straight A student. She does sports. She is outgoing. She does not smoke, drink, or do drugs. She’s not sneaking out or having sex.

But the attitude, sass, and the lack of passion kills me. I can not find things that light a fire in her. With COVID-19, everything is closed or cancelled. So, 4-H and dance are having virtual class/events. I can not get her to participate. She loves her phone, but not for those things.

I suggested she read books on camera so we could post them – to be a community service project. No.

I found a free art class. No.

Write a letter/e-mail to people in a nursing home. No.

Write a thank you note to essential workers. No.

Amazingly, I have been able to get her off of her phone to play some board games with me.


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