Distance Learning

it’s official, the remainder of the school year will be distance learning. my daughter is not happy about the decision. i understand her frustration. i also understand the reasoning behind the ruling.

the new challenge is getting her to continue to do her school work. the district made the announcement that grades can not/will not decrease during distance learning, but grades can increase/improve based on the amount of effort and work put into the assignments. i help her with her work, especially math and English. i want and need her to continue with the work. she, being a typical teen, is burnt out on doing it.

i tried to make argument on why she should continue. don’t know if i was heard.

my daughter is smart. she’s a great student. she is taking high school classes even though she is in 8th grade. the goal is to graduate valedictorian of her class. i know she has the potential to do it, with on site instruction. this distance learning…. crisis learning… is for the birds.

oh, and i am sick of everyone calling it homeschooling. No, people. homeschooling is cratered to the student. parks, zoos, and museums are available. not during crisis learning.


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