Funeral and Nose Piercing

Going to the funeral yesterday was fairly emotional. There were pictures of my grandfather with my dad. Talk about a break down. Luckily, I had a mask on so could hide my crying. By the end of the funeral my mask was soaked. Felt like I was water boarding myself… We went to the cemetery and got some family pictures. After everything was finished, my daughter and I got in the car and she said “I have something to show you.” I look at her and she flips a septum piercing. I about lost my shit right there! It is 100% real. She did not ASK me. She did not mention anything to me about it. She got it done the night before. Ex’s girlfriend’s kid did the piercing. Holy shit! What?!? Ex doesn’t know about it. My daughter said she did not tell me or ask me beforehand because I’m not a fan of septum piercings. Well, we had a few hours to discuss it on our drive home. I explained I was pissed because she did not ask beforehand. Talked about dangers of having someone who is not a professional modify your body. (which the girl is almost 18. she wants to be a professional piercer. she does have an actually piercing kit and my daughter said everything was sterile and gloves were used.) After the shock, I asked her if she likes it. She told me she wasn’t sure and was thinking about taking it out. I told her to give it a week. She if she likes it and if she decides she doesn’t then take it out. But I would hate for her to take it out and then decide she wants it pierced again. The jewelry she has right now is too big – she agreed. Told her we would have to get a smaller piece of jewelry, but if she likes it then okay. BUT SHE BETTER NOT GET ANYTHING ELSE PIERCED OR TATTOOED WITH TALKING TO ME FIRST.


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