2023, You’re Impressing Me

We’ve all seen the memes about not claiming the specific year after the past few years we’ve all been experiencing. Well, the fourth day into the year and two types of great news:

  1. My daughter’s condition, we caught it early enough that it is acute and there’s no expected heart damage. She still has several specialists to continue to visit. I’m seeing so much improvement. Today she even made a comment about she could bend her knees without any pain.
  2. I signed a contract for a part-time position. I’m still looking for more, but at least there will be some income. Plus, I’m adding to my experience.

Happy New Year!

Wow! I walked away from this blog back in August 2020. Wasn’t that I “planned” on not continuing writing. Life was so busy. I was working multiple jobs and I did not have the energy to sit at the computer to put my thoughts on the screen.

So, what has happened in my life the past two years?

We got through the stress of social distancing and adjusting to the chaos. I stopped bothering with online dating. My mental health was struggling so much – I had to walk away. My mother started dating a guy. I’ve met him twice. The first time I met him he told me what a standup character my ex-husband is…

The year 2021: I don’t remember much from that entire year. I worked, a lot. My daughter started driving. I had to protest parole from the guy that killed my dad.

Brings us to 2022: The year started so amazingly and then December hit me full force.

The beginning of the year I was promoted to a supervisor position and an interviewer position. I loved it! I was still working multiple jobs and wearing several hats, but I was doing what I needed to in order to survive. In June, I found out the part of the company I was with was dissolving. I pivoted to a new position within the company. I was coaching new hires. I was so happy. I loved my job. The pay was good – in fact, I was able to quit all my other jobs. My mental health was amazing. I was actually starting to work out and try to be more active. (In the back of my mind, I feared it all ending – I assumed it was just my anxiety doing what anxiety does).

December 2022: The month started like any other month. Then the second week of the month, the company announced a massive company wide layoff. I found out I was included in that layoff. I cannot describe how I felt at that moment. I had been with the company for six years. It was now my only source of income. I was sad, angry, bitter, confused… I learned the person who decided who got to stay and those laid-off had only been with the company for less than a year. I was able to finish the month with the company for one more paycheck. I started putting in so many applications. Rough timing because everyone was getting ready for winter vacation. I have signed a contract for a part-time position, but I need additional jobs just to survive. My onboarding for that position should begin this week when everyone returns back to the office. I figure within the next week or so, I will hear more – good and bad – from all the applications I’ve put in during the month. I received communication that the guy that killed dad is up for parole again. I quickly sent in another protest letter for his parole. That same day, my mother texts me to tell me she has a mass in her lung. Our relationship is horrible. I haven’t seen her in over a year. There’s occasional texts/calls. She did send me a picture of the ring her boyfriend gave her.

Hoping that was all the month of December could hit me with, no, I was wrong. Since October 2022, my daughter has been experiencing joint issues. It started with a single knee. I’ve taken her to the doctor multiple times. She’s been referred to an ortho specialist. She’s had x-rays, MRIs, and lab work done over the past few months. A few days ago, the doctor’s office calls me to tell me the diagnosis. My daughter has a rare autoimmune disease. It only impacts about 5% of the population. I’ve cried a lot. I’ve worried about my child and what her future is going to look like. I called my mother to tell her. Her response enraged me. She was not concerned. She made a comment like “least you found out” and then turned the conversation to about her and her boyfriend. Oh, and she asked if I’d started thinking about putting in job applications yet. I was beyond frustrated at that point. I found an online support group. I did get a small sense of relief from the group. We go back this week to the doctor. I know more tests have to be completed. I not sure everything with will happen in that appointment, but I know an EKG and an Echo will have to be done on my daughter. What research I’ve done so far, it looks like heart monitoring every few years for the rest of her life. She will also have to go in for shots every month or so. I know my daughter is strong. I hope I am strong enough for this new normal.

Funeral and Nose Piercing

Going to the funeral yesterday was fairly emotional. There were pictures of my grandfather with my dad. Talk about a break down. Luckily, I had a mask on so could hide my crying. By the end of the funeral my mask was soaked. Felt like I was water boarding myself… We went to the cemetery and got some family pictures. After everything was finished, my daughter and I got in the car and she said “I have something to show you.” I look at her and she flips a septum piercing. I about lost my shit right there! It is 100% real. She did not ASK me. She did not mention anything to me about it. She got it done the night before. Ex’s girlfriend’s kid did the piercing. Holy shit! What?!? Ex doesn’t know about it. My daughter said she did not tell me or ask me beforehand because I’m not a fan of septum piercings. Well, we had a few hours to discuss it on our drive home. I explained I was pissed because she did not ask beforehand. Talked about dangers of having someone who is not a professional modify your body. (which the girl is almost 18. she wants to be a professional piercer. she does have an actually piercing kit and my daughter said everything was sterile and gloves were used.) After the shock, I asked her if she likes it. She told me she wasn’t sure and was thinking about taking it out. I told her to give it a week. She if she likes it and if she decides she doesn’t then take it out. But I would hate for her to take it out and then decide she wants it pierced again. The jewelry she has right now is too big – she agreed. Told her we would have to get a smaller piece of jewelry, but if she likes it then okay. BUT SHE BETTER NOT GET ANYTHING ELSE PIERCED OR TATTOOED WITH TALKING TO ME FIRST.

I’m Back

First time I have logged in since April. Wow! It have been a crazy past four months. I have spent my time trying to survive. Thanks to COVID a couple of my jobs were put on hold for awhile. Actually, they haven’t even started back up yet. So, luckily, I still have the one job – ironically my newest job – has been very steady during everything. Thankfully. Means I am still able to buy food and pay my bills. We have tried to stay home and stay safe. My daughter told me I was a horrible mom because I would not let her do anything over the summer. I will gladly take her being pissed off at me if that means she is safe.

As things have started slowly opening back up I have eased up a little on her too. For example, she has stayed with a friend. I know the family and know they have be fairly cautious.

I also found a gym for my daughter to attend to continue to practice cheer and tumbling. This gym goes over the top with safety, so I feel confident sending her. Despite COVID, the gym has been amazing for my daughter. Over the summer, she actually did a back walkover and a back handspring. I’m excited to see what else she is going to be able to conquer with these coaches. They wanted her to do competitive cheer with them, but she made the school cheer squad this year and the coach said anyone that does competitive cheer while on her squad would be kicked off – which would make them unable to try out for cheer next year too. So, I told my daughter next year she can do competitive cheer and school cheer (she’ll be with a different coach. Also, it is not a rule with the organiaztion that girls cannot do both.)

I managed to get her to stay focused on her distance learning school work for the remainder of last year. This year I opted for on site learning. I know that is the best choice for my daughter. I hope people stay safe. Not a clue how long school will stay open. However, she is taking four AP classes and a foreign language class — she needs to be in school to help with learning. Plus, I have started seeing signs of depression in her as the months have gone on. I know it is from not getting to be a teenager and get out.

I started trying to learn a new language. Found an app to use. I have been practicing German and Spanish. Is it working? Eh. I feel like I can read and listen, but not sure if I can converse with others yet.

I am still single. I haven’t tried to date during all of this. I may chat with someone for a day or so, but that’s about it. I’m currently chatting with someone. Really don’t see it going anywhere. Actually, I figure it will die down in the next day or so. Conversation is slow and almost forced. I refuse to be the one keeping the conversation alive. I have stopped chasing. I had one ghost me and then reappear a month later wanting to meet up. Ha, not happening!

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge. My grandfather died a few weeks ago. We knew it was coming. He had stage 4 cancer. It was getting really bad. The funeral is finally tomorrow. We had to wait for several weeks because multiple people tested positive and where in quarantine. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve been in my hometown since Christmas. It will be the first funeral I’ve been to since my dad’s. We have COVID to worry about; so there’s that added stress. And the thought that everyone on my dad’s side of the family is gone now. He will be buried next to dad so at least I will get to visit dad’s grave while I’m done. But this will not be a visit where we can sit and visit. It is going to be interesting. Hope I am making the right choice of taking my daughter and myself there. She handled me telling her about grandpa’s death fairly well. She cried for a minute. She’s talked about him over the past few weeks. Not sure how she will handle tomorrow. I have been fairly numb. Not really because of his passing. Like I said, we knew it was coming, but still doesn’t make it easier. But flashbacks of my dad’s death and funeral hit me over and over.

Distance Learning

it’s official, the remainder of the school year will be distance learning. my daughter is not happy about the decision. i understand her frustration. i also understand the reasoning behind the ruling.

the new challenge is getting her to continue to do her school work. the district made the announcement that grades can not/will not decrease during distance learning, but grades can increase/improve based on the amount of effort and work put into the assignments. i help her with her work, especially math and English. i want and need her to continue with the work. she, being a typical teen, is burnt out on doing it.

i tried to make argument on why she should continue. don’t know if i was heard.

my daughter is smart. she’s a great student. she is taking high school classes even though she is in 8th grade. the goal is to graduate valedictorian of her class. i know she has the potential to do it, with on site instruction. this distance learning…. crisis learning… is for the birds.

oh, and i am sick of everyone calling it homeschooling. No, people. homeschooling is cratered to the student. parks, zoos, and museums are available. not during crisis learning.


Funny quotes about parenting teenagers | Parenting quotes ...

Raising Teenagers

Having a Teenager Is Like Having a Cat That Only Comes Out to Eat ...

People always talk about the terrible two’s. Oh please, the toddler years are a cake walk compared to raising a teenager.

I knew having a teen would be a challenge. I was a horrible teenager. I knew my kid would probably make me pay for my sins.

She overall is a good kid. She is a straight A student. She does sports. She is outgoing. She does not smoke, drink, or do drugs. She’s not sneaking out or having sex.

But the attitude, sass, and the lack of passion kills me. I can not find things that light a fire in her. With COVID-19, everything is closed or cancelled. So, 4-H and dance are having virtual class/events. I can not get her to participate. She loves her phone, but not for those things.

I suggested she read books on camera so we could post them – to be a community service project. No.

I found a free art class. No.

Write a letter/e-mail to people in a nursing home. No.

Write a thank you note to essential workers. No.

Amazingly, I have been able to get her off of her phone to play some board games with me.

Dating Update

I never in my wildest dreams do have thought I would STILL be single this long after my divorce. Then again, how hard have I really been trying to find the right person…

One positive thing about still being single, apparently I am teaching my daughter very well. Remember she had a boyfriend? She told him to hit the road after he told her she was not allowed to talk to any other guys. Talk about a proud mama!

I started chatting with a guy online. Attractive guy. He is very articulate. BUT he is just looking for FWB. Of course… (a part of me wants to says okay I deserve some fun. another part of me says why do that to myself)

Social Distancing

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about the virus. I know I am, but having joint custody of my daughter during this time is so stressful. I have no control on what ex does when she is with him. I hate it. Last weekend he went to see his parents. His mom lives with his sister during the week. Of course, where sister live has been hit pretty hard. I get they might not have the virus, but can we just pretend everyone has it and stay away from each other for a couple of weeks…

I have learned my daughter is addicted to her phone. I mean ADDICTED to her phone. The other day she was hateful and sassy with everything I said or did. I gave up and took her phone as punishment – I normally don’t do that (actually it is rare if I have to punish her). She cried and screamed. She had the shakes. She begged for it. She told me I was a horrible mom. So, I guess I need to start forcing her to sit the phone down to try to break the addiction. I get it. She’s a teenager. She hasn’t been in school for a few weeks. The phone is her only chance to socialize. Still no reason to be a pain in the ass like that towards me.

Overall, I guess we are handling it okay. I am used to social distancing. I’ve been a loner my whole life. I like social distancing. It is strange not to be running my daughter to different activities though.


Parole Protest Letter

The guy that killed dad is already getting a parole hearing. I cannot believe it! What the hell is wrong with our justice system?!? He killed someone. He has been in prison for a few months, and already is up for parole? What?

So, I wrote a parole protest letter. Two hours of writing and crying – I mean ugly crying.

It is so insane that this is how life is going.

I have never wrote a parole protest letter in my life – and it is not something they teach you in school. I found a template online to give me a guide of what I need to include. I talked about my dad. I talked about how my dad being killed affected all of us. I talked about the behavior of the guy that killed dad. I talked about why he should not be released from prison.

Hope I included everything I was supposed to. Hope his parole is denied.

I don’t care if I sound selfish, or bitter towards that guy. He hasn’t changed. He hasn’t attempted to better himself.

IN FACT, the paperwork at the prison isn’t even complete! There is a no contact order – that is NOT mentioned on the prison’s paperwork. He committed violent crimes and has a violent past. BUT it is listed on the paperwork as “non-violent” crime.

Four Jobs and Single Mom

Ever feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions all at once?

That is my life right now.

I am currently working four jobs. They are all part-time. I plan on leaving the one in a couple of months (just waiting for my contract to end – don’t want to leave before the end of the signed contract). But, I had to find a job to replace that one. The main reason I am leaving is they did a company wide pay cut. I lost $3hr. So, the new job pays more plus offers bonuses – let’s hope this new job works out.

Plus, my daughter is crazy busy. Not to mention she is getting ready to take her driving test. Yikes.

I have stopped taking my medication. Overall, I am functioning well without.

I am still single. I have started trying online dating again… typical story there. But, I am very proud of myself. I know what I want. I know what I am looking for. If I see ANY red flags, I’m out. I am not messing with that mess any more.

Oh, since January 1st, I have lost a total of 16lbs. I am so proud of myself! I actually have started to notice my clothing fitting differently.

Ex is getting deployed during this year. I’m excited that I will not have to deal with drama.