Life’s Challenges

Today is six months since my dad was killed. Doesn’t seem real – still. I see my dad in my dreams almost nightly. Yesterday was the court date; except, the trial got continued to a later date. The guy that killed dad was arrested, again. This time for getting angry and apparently driving his truck through his girlfriend’s house.

I’m still trying to find a better option for internet at my house so I can actually work from home. I found a optical fiber internet, but it is in the process of being built. Could take awhile… They told me about an wireless option until the fiber is ready, but that is still in the works. But the place in town that I go to for work might be closing down. Even though I have internet at home it is horrible. It is satellite internet; so, if a bird flies too low the internet stops working.

My mom and I still talk on a weekly basis. Some days are harder than others. She brags about how much weight she’s lost – because she doesn’t eat. (Ironically, when I was a teenager and not eating everyone bitched at me.) Yesterday she told me about these cute guys flirting with her. (I am going to be ashamed of myself if my daughter and my mom both get into relationships and I’m still sitting over here single).

Found out the school the youngest sibling has been attending is shutting down permanently – about two weeks before his is supposed to graduate. Not sure that is going to happen with that.

I’m attempting online dating. BUT there are so many scammers and none of the other guys interest me. I find myself bored and unmotivated to attempt a conversation with me.



Mom called me last night – talk about being completely shocked. Anyway, she was calling to get my opinion on sentencing of the guy that killed dad. It is now a Class B felony. It has been moved up to homicide.

She told me that she doesn’t want to take all of his money. She does not want him to rot in jail. Why? Because he has two young children.

Okay, I get that. BUT he does not have custody of the children!! His mother took him to court for custody.

It would a different story if this was a family man that made a dumb mistake one time – for example drinking and driving or texting and driving.

No, this guy is a rich druggie. He has money and thinks he is above the law. He killed my dad and then later that week got arrested for meth. This is a guy that does not care.

Maybe I’m bitter. Maybe I want revenge. I don’t know.

His lawyer tried getting the court date postponed to December. The judge said this is a homicide charge and a family waiting in limbo for some closer. The judge denied waiting until December.

So, during our phone call, mom asked me what I wanted. I broke down crying. I seriously just want my dad back. I want all of this to be some horrible dream that I can wake up from.

In reality, I think I want the guy to go to jail for at least 10 years. After that, I want him to finish his court ordered rehab. I think his probation should be 5-10 years. During probation, he should have to take random drug tests (a couple a week, at least).

DWI Charges

Those that have been reading my posts the past few months know the situation surrounding my dad’s death. The guy that killed my dad had court last week. I expected mom to call or to text me after court – to sometime that day – to keep me informed on what is going on in the case. She didn’t. I messaged her. Found out the state is adding DWI charges to the list of crimes. The court date has once again been postponed. Hard to believe my dad has been gone for five months.

Personal Struggle

Before dad’s death, I rarely talked to my mom. After dad was killed, I did call mom everyday. Then started to call every couple of days. Recently, its been about once a week. I figured dad would want me to call and check on her.

However, ever since mom told me she has been STILL talking to ex about me behind my back I am struggling to decide what I should do.

Do I keep calling? When I do call, do I say as little as possible? Do I stop calling?


Yesterday was Dad’s birthday. I was emotional. I cried a few times. For his birthday, we did a balloon release – no judgements (I know it’s not safe for the environment and all that). We wrote notes to dad and attached them to the balloons. It was nice. I even bought a dress for the occasion – and I’m not a dress type chick. The dress was pretty. I am way too fat for it, but again no judgement.

My daughter told me the other day that she did not like me. That was painful. She was mad at her dad and said it while he was standing there. However, she did apologize through text a few hours later. Since that day our relationship has been great.

Found out my mom and my ex and talking – still – about me behind my back. Apparently my mom called my ex last month to see if he would bring his truck down sometime and load their old lawnmower for me. (According to my mom) Ex told her he couldn’t because his girlfriend doesn’t like when he does stuff to help me out.

First of all, mom didn’t even ask me about giving me the mower! This mower is at least 12 years old. My dad didn’t even think it would survive another year. So, she is wanting to give me something that is going to break down. Then what the hell am I supposed to do?!? Secondly, I have hired someone to do my yard work. This guy is amazing. He mows and weedeats. He is surprisingly very cheap! Plus, he came to my house one day and helped me change a flat – didn’t ask for any money in return. I hadn’t told ex I’d hired someone. Frankly, it’s none of his damn business. Anyway, mom told ex that I’d hired someone. We’ll see what drama comes from their little conversation. Third, how fucking dare he have that attitude that he can’t help me! I am the mother of his child. Is that really the lesson we want to teach our daughter? Now, I try not to ask my ex for shit, but what if it was an emergency? It scares me because I still have him as my emergency contact. What if something happens to me and he doesn’t come? Yes, I would help him if he needed something. Would I be happy about helping him – probably not. I’d probably cuss under my breath, but I would still help because I want my daughter to see her parents can still get along. But honestly I don’t ask him for anything. I know better.

Anyway, for dad’s birthday we had lunch and birthday cake. It was mom, my siblings, the grandkids AND my brother’s ex and her girlfriend. My mom told me she invited them because his ex will always be the mother of his child so everyone needs to get along. I understand that, but why didn’t she invite my ex then? She must have read my mind because she said I didn’t invite your ex because your dad hated him. She told me she has issues with my ex and she is not ready to resolve them just now.


No Tears

Yesterday, not much happened in court. Both sides agreed to be ready to go to trial later this month.

While waiting for my daughter’s team pictures and game to start, I was standing there talking to someone. Everything just started spilling out. About the court date. About my dad’s death. About what the past four and a half months have been like.

A part of me wanted to shut up, but the words just poured out. The other part of me was so happy to have someone to listen.

They asked questions. I was able to talk and answer their questions without breaking down. I felt my anxiety grow, but I did not cry.

Mother-Daughter Relationships

Yesterday was a hard day in terms of mother-daughter relationships.

First, my relationship with my mom has always been horrible. Growing up, she was emotionally abusive. As I became an adult I forced myself to have a relationship with her so my daughter would have a relationship with her grandmother. After my dad was killed, I knew my dad would want me to help my mom out. So, I would call her often. Well, today mark’s four months since he was killed. Our phone calls have gone from daily to once a week.

I called her last night to check on her. I got to hear about how much weight she has lost – that is how she is handling dad’s death, by not eating. Which, awesome for her for loosing some weight. But she just keeps on and on and on. Talking about exactly how too big her clothes are. Talking about the new size she fits into.

Maybe I’m jealous. I am an emotional eater. I gain weight. So, maybe I am jealous. But during the entire phone call, all I could remember was my childhood and my mom making fun of me because of my weight. My mom giving me hell that she could fit into my clothes and they would be too big on her. Her always putting me on diets.

I’ve always feared my relationship with my daughter would be like the relationship I have with my mom.

Yesterday was a school dance. My daughter would not let me take any pictures of her outside of the car – talk about heartbreak scrolling on social media and seeing all the other girl’s pictures and mom’s posting about how much the girls have grown. My daughter’s best friend posted this sweet message to her mom and being thankful for having her as a mom. Thanking her for always driving her everywhere she needs to go. My daughter has so much attitude these days. I get eye rolls and go to hell looks. I get tears and screams.

I told my daughter that I remember what it is like being a teenager, but in the future she will love having the pictures. I mean, there are only a couple of pictures of me as a teenager. I try to take more pictures of my daughter and I together – even though I hate pictures of myself – because I don’t want my daughter to look back after I’m dead and wonder why there are not more pictures of us together. I hate that I do not have more pictures of my dad and I together. The last picture I have with my dad is two years do – there’s no excuse for that…

Four Months

Hard to believe tomorrow will mark four months since my dad was killed. It still seems like a nightmare that I cannot wake up from. I know he is gone, but I still wish that he was here. I still want that opportunity to give him one final hug and tell him that I love him.

My dreams this week have been fairly vivid.

I had a dream that it was seven years in the future and my dad returned. In the dream, I was getting married and was pregnant. He had came back to see my wedding day. There was a fence, on the other side of the fence was a road. In the middle of the road laid my dad’s body. (Keep in mind, I never seen my dad after he was killed. I did not go to his viewing, because I did not want to see the damage that was done during the wreck. I did see the car after the wreck though.) I could see his injuries. His body was twisted and mangled.

Another dream I had was about my ex. He hurt our daughter – I mean severely hurt her – and he told me that I had to wait until the next day to take her to the hospital that way I would have enough time to think of a story to tell the doctors instead of telling them the truth. I take her to the hospital right away. I start telling every nurse I see the truth. I get placed in a room with another nurse while they work on my daughter. I was telling the nurse what happened, and then my ex walks in and immediately starts telling his version of the truth.

**If anyone likes to interpret dreams, please feel free to do so with these.**

Online dating is back to typical losers. I get messages. If any lead to a conversation, it is short lived.


I mentioned last time that I was starting to chat with someone, but didn’t expect too much from it. Well, this guy asked me out for today.

I should be excited, right?

Instead, what do I do?

I start making excuses. Reasons that meeting today would not be a good idea.

What the hell is wrong with me? I want to date, but finally get asked on a date – the first one in almost a year – and I make up reasons why I can’t go.

Don’t know if I’m worried that I will get played again. Don’t know if I’m really just not interested in going on a date – or maybe I’m just not that interested in him. Don’t know if its just my anxiety getting into my head.


Moving Forward

I know I’ve been silent here lately. Life is challenging. Every Friday, I relive getting the call telling my dad is gone forever. Everyday I try to balance work, my daughter, her activities, my own mental health. I have started chatting with someone online again. I don’t expect anything from it, but the point is I am moving forward. I am trying.

The past weekend was very difficult.

First, my computer crashed. Two of my jobs require a working computer. So, I had to go and buy a new computer. Talk about stress. Spending that much and deciding which bills could wait.

Second, a very difficult thing, I changed my social media profile picture. Since my dad’s death, my profile picture has been the last picture of us together. He has been gone for three-and-a-half months. I changed my picture. I still cry thinking about it all. I don’t want to seem like I am forgetting him. I’m not. He crosses my mind hundreds of times a day. I don’t want to be stuck in the past either. My dad loved life. He would want me to love life, too. He would want me to keep moving forward.

Third, dealing with my ex. Sundays are my days with my daughter. They are typically the one day where we are not running from one activity or job. We can relax. We can enjoy spending time together. Well, softball is starting up. Ex asked if he could keep her a little longer on Sunday to take her to the sports store to buy her some gear. I of course said no problem. I mean, she needed equipment. She has outgrown her helmet and cleats. Her facemask got busted last semester when she got hit in the face. Plus, she needed to be there to pick out her equipment. He brings her home with new equipment. Six hours later, ex shows back up at my door wanting her back. Saying she asked him if she could spend the night. I wanted to scream. I seriously wanted to punch him. I fought back anger and tears. I knew he was lying to me. I went ahead and let him take her for the night. I told him not to pull that on me again. I try to do what is best for my daughter. Of course, I would love to have her 24/7.