Weight loss update July 6, 2018

I’m still working on losing weight. Still working out. Yesterday I shocked myself!!

June 29: 280 lbs. Started working out.

July 1: Able to do a 3 second plank.

July 2: Able to do a 8 second plank.

July 3: App had built in rest day.

July 4: Instead of doing the work out routine with the app, my daughter and I went walking at the walking trail in the park looking for kindness rocks.

July 5: Able to do a 30 second plank! I was so proud of myself! I could not believe it!! I was so excited, I decided to get on the scale. It was scary getting on the scale. Yes, I am noticing improvements since I’ve been working out. I was worried the scale would still read 280lbs or show I’ve gave weight. I got on the scale: 273lbs!!

Still have a long ways to go, but I am slowly getting there. Super excited and proud of my accomplishments thus far.