Late Dropping Her Off… oops

I took my daughter to get her hair done – a gift from my parents for her being a straight A student. It is an ombre look. It goes from light brown to sun-kissed blonde. It actually looks very natural on her. It looks like she has spent the whole summer in the sun. She absolutely LOVES it! Anyway, I had not told ex that I was having her hair done. He had promised to get her hair done a couple of months ago. Then he keeps making up different excuses and putting it off. This weekend was the first time ex seen her new hair. Apparently no one noticed. My daughter said she had to tell girlfriend and her kids. She gave ex several hints. Then he said “cool, you got highlights.” My daughter said ex sounded very snotty about it. All I could do was apologize. I HATE apologizing for ex’s behavior. I hate that he is fucking up his relationship with our daughter. I hate that he is a tool. I cannot apologize that he is her father.

Oh, my ex got a taste of his own medicine – not on purpose. So, I told my daughter to ask if ex would be home around 4ish. She misheard me and typed 3. When 3pm came and went and we were not there ex started texting our daughter’s phone. He didn’t text or call me. I thought it was kind of funny because he is not concerned if he is late nor will he communicate with me. I didn’t realize the goof up. I would have text ex, but I was driving. But when I was “late” he threw a fit.

He couldn’t even come out of the house to greet us when I dropped our daughter off. That is low. I come out each time. Oh well.


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