Criminal Case is Over

It’s been over a year since my dad was killed, but the criminal case is finally over. It was not the outcome I wanted. He got seven years. At least we have some closure.

I am now working a combination of four jobs, plus running my daughter to all of her activities. Life has been a little hectic. Well, I felt like I was consistently having to remember to take my medications. The doctor has me on such a high dose of antidepressants that I am having to take three antidepressants throughout each day. Between a combination of being busy, forgetting, and honestly being stubborn and thinking “I’ve got this” has led to me not taking my medication for several days in a row. Apparently that is a major mistake. I have not been able to sleep. I am physically ill. I have trouble functioning. So, last night I did take a dose of my medication. I actually got some sleep. I woke up feeling a little better.


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