Parole Protest Letter

The guy that killed dad is already getting a parole hearing. I cannot believe it! What the hell is wrong with our justice system?!? He killed someone. He has been in prison for a few months, and already is up for parole? What?

So, I wrote a parole protest letter. Two hours of writing and crying – I mean ugly crying.

It is so insane that this is how life is going.

I have never wrote a parole protest letter in my life – and it is not something they teach you in school. I found a template online to give me a guide of what I need to include. I talked about my dad. I talked about how my dad being killed affected all of us. I talked about the behavior of the guy that killed dad. I talked about why he should not be released from prison.

Hope I included everything I was supposed to. Hope his parole is denied.

I don’t care if I sound selfish, or bitter towards that guy. He hasn’t changed. He hasn’t attempted to better himself.

IN FACT, the paperwork at the prison isn’t even complete! There is a no contact order – that is NOT mentioned on the prison’s paperwork. He committed violent crimes and has a violent past. BUT it is listed on the paperwork as “non-violent” crime.


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