Four Jobs and Single Mom

Ever feel like you are being pulled in multiple directions all at once?

That is my life right now.

I am currently working four jobs. They are all part-time. I plan on leaving the one in a couple of months (just waiting for my contract to end – don’t want to leave before the end of the signed contract). But, I had to find a job to replace that one. The main reason I am leaving is they did a company wide pay cut. I lost $3hr. So, the new job pays more plus offers bonuses – let’s hope this new job works out.

Plus, my daughter is crazy busy. Not to mention she is getting ready to take her driving test. Yikes.

I have stopped taking my medication. Overall, I am functioning well without.

I am still single. I have started trying online dating again… typical story there. But, I am very proud of myself. I know what I want. I know what I am looking for. If I see ANY red flags, I’m out. I am not messing with that mess any more.

Oh, since January 1st, I have lost a total of 16lbs. I am so proud of myself! I actually have started to notice my clothing fitting differently.

Ex is getting deployed during this year. I’m excited that I will not have to deal with drama.



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