Father’s Day…. What to buy?


Father’s Day is approaching. My ex-husband is in the picture. Our decree states he gets our child on his birthday and Father’s Day of every year – naturally, I get our child on my birthday and Mother’s Day of every year.

This year, will be a little different. My ex-husband is currently deployed. I still plan on giving my child some money so my child can buy ex-husband a Father’s Day card/gift. This is something I do every year. I do it for Christmas, ex’s birthday, and Father’s Day. Why? Because our child does not have money. They do not have an income, or an allowance.

I remember a few years ago, ex complaining that I should not buy him gifts – he has a girlfriend. I told him the gifts are from our child, not me. Just because we are divorced, I still have to be a positive role model for my child.

Now, I know there are some deadbeat dads out there. That is a different story, obviously. If the father is in the picture, and treats the children well. Gladly give the children money to buy a small gift. Let dad have the children for the day. You enjoy your “me” time.

I’ve seen posts on social media about how Father’s Day items all say “World’s Greatest Dad” and the woman would be so disgusted and refuse to buy anything. Here is a hard lesson in divorce, you have to put your personal feelings – all the anger, hurt, sadness – to the side. You have to realize that your children probably do view that man as the “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Even if he is not the greatest dad, do not say anything negative about him in front of the children. Let them enjoy being a child. Do not bring them into adult issues. Besides, children are smart. They will pay attention and see how much effort both parents are putting in.


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